Testimonials: what people have said about my courses

Picture by  Geralt  CC0

Picture by Geralt CC0

(For comments about other aspects of my work, please see What clients, readers and course particpants have said.)

About myself

I have been teaching and training for many years. I tend not to collect badges and so forth, but I have been accredited as Associate Facilitator through the STEM Learning CPD Quality Mark, the badge for which appears below. For details of my career in teaching and training etc, please see my CV/Resumé.

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My courses

If you would like to discuss training courses for your school or team, please get in touch.

Comments received about course run in local business hub: Content marketing through blogging

Course date: 10 August 2017

  • The course gave me a lot of information on different websites to use, how to blog, and a lot of useful things.
  • Terry's workshop was very informative.
  • I was able to ask questions immediately to things that may have been unclear.
  • Very interactive.

Comments received about course run in local business hub: Social Media for time-strapped start-ups

Course date: 15 August 2017

  • It was very informative.
  • I liked the hints and tips.
  • I had only heard of the information in the workshop, but have now got an in-depth knowledge of how to do it onland schedule it.

Comments received on Assessment in Computing course in 2017

Comments about the course

  • Very helpful.
  • Very professional and well prepared.

  • The course could easily be used for general AFL - very useful for more than computing.

  • Lots of ideas.

Comments about me

  • Excellent.
  • Very professional and well prepared.

  • Lots of great practical ideas - thank you!

  • Clearly lots of experience, lots of suggestions.

  • Knowledgeable.

Comments received on Assessment in Computing courses in 2016

Comments about the courses

  • Packed with plenty of useful resources and practices. Learned new ideas as well as re-establishing current practice. Ryan Smith
  • Very informative and useful. Parwinder Nahal
  • Informative and relevant to life without levels.  Really good strategies to go back and implement. Kalsoom Akhtar
  • Was initially concerned about the mix of Primary + Secondary but it was actually quite useful + interesting to see next level. Carriann Walker
  • Very thought - provoking. Tim Severwright
  • Really useful and excellent. Anu Gogineni

Comments about me

  • Excellent balance of honest opinion, extensive knowledge and research. Ryan Smith
  • Enabled good discussion, lots of excellent resources. Parwinder Nahal
  • Excellent and entertaining. Kalsoom Akhtar
  • Knowledgeable, Interesting, Informative, Entertaining. Carriann Walker
  • Well read + experienced course leader. Rebecca Rakhdoune.
  • Knowledgeable and engaging. Tim Severwright

Numerical evaluations

For those who prefer numbers, I have received the following feedback from the last two courses I ran in 2016:

Note that 5 = excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = OK, 2 = Not great and 1 = don't give up the day job. The 'booklet' referred to is my compilation of notes, handouts and presentations for the participants.


Booklet: 4.67

Presenter: 4,42


Booklet: 4.8

Presenter: 5





Testimonial about a bespoke Assessing Computing course

I ran a training day and workshop for a federation of schools on the subject of how to assess Computing. Here is what the Head of Department at the host school said:

Terry was very well informed and his research material was excellent and very relevant. He gave us a variety of alternative strategies, all backed by up-to-date and relevant research and was happy to discuss the pros and cons of each approach. When we had made a decision on the strategy we thought would work for our federation he then changed his proposed plan to support and facilitate our progress. We left the course with a positive outcome and a distinct way forward on how to proceed with assessment in our federation of schools. An excellent course well-resourced and thought-provoking, much appreciated by all who attended.

Pippa Higgs, Head of Computing and ICT

Comments received from delegates on a course on Assessing Computing

  • Course: Good. More focus on the aspects of assessment criteria. Patricia Holt
  • Presenter: Excellent knowledge & examples to think about take in the school. Patricia Holt
  • Course: Information/Questions where spot on, lots to think about. Mark Fegan
  • Presenter: Excellent course leader - engaging - interesting. Mark Fegan
  • Course: Very interesting - lots of ideas to look into back at school. Laura Ritchie
  • Presenter: Superb subject knowledge. Laura Ritchie
  • Course: Some very useful ideas. Andrew Brown
  • Course: Sharing useful approaches to assessment. Anne Davies
  • Presenter: Humorous. Good experience and knowledge. Anne Davies

Here are the comments I received on courses I ran for teachers of Computing and ICT.

The courses were in differentiation in Computing, and assessing Computing.

Comments about the courses

  • Exactly what I need presently. Jane Eso
  • Informative, useful, practical, tons of tips/advice/resources. Lots to take back to school. Giannina Buckley
  • Good considering no one really knows what the DFE want. Nathan Davies
  • Brilliant course. Penelope Ross
  • Much better than I expected. Phillip Deackes
  • Very good...learnt lots and lots. Nice to see that what we are doing is on the right lines. A little rushed in the afternoon but there was lot and lots to cover in the day. Ian Bain
  • Very useful. Provided a good starting point for discussion. Sue Evans
  • Comprehensive given the uncertainty of the content. Jan Pattie
  • Good considering no one really knows what the DFE want. Nathan Davies
  • Thought provoking. Wish I'd come on it 9 months ago. Natalie Godfrey
  • So much information, quite scary. Joan Fuller
  • Brilliant. Thank you. Indira Sahin
  • Very informative. Steve McGuigan
  • Great tips and info in books. Great chance to think about many different approaches. Barbra Webber

Comments about me

  • Very friendly, nicely-presented resources. Christopher Horridge
  • Very informative and delivery was fine. Jane Eso
  • Great sense of humour – kept it real. Sue Evans
  • Very engaging and amazing. Julie Holland
  • Brilliant leader. Penelope Ross
  • Spot on! Phillip Deackes
  • Excellent! Very knowledgeable. Covered a wide variety of topic areas I didn’t even realise would be covered eg Ofsted. Giannina Buckley
  • Very knowledgeable. Ian Bain
  • Excellent. Nicola Brown
  • Excellent. Jan Pattie
  • Clearly very knowledgeable. Joan Fuller
  • Excellent. Suki Chima
  • Very good. Vicky Redshaw
  • Interesting. Natalie Godfrey
  • Effective. Steve McGuigan.