Getting the best out of Bett 2018, and Ed Tech Predictions for 2018

The 2018 edition of my guide to getting the best out of the Bett show is now available. It's a 10 page pdf which you can download by clicking the picture at the bottom of the screen. Much of it will be useful even if you will not be going to Bett, as you may ascertain from a look at the list of topics covered:

  • Ed Tech Predictions for 2018    
  • 19 Reasons to attend Bett
  • 7 Good reasons to attend: the ones to put to senior management
  • 11 Types of people who should attend    
  • 5 reasons to take pupils to Bett    
  • 5 Reasons to take a technician or technically-minded person with you    
  • 2 Reasons to take a non-technical person    
  • 23 Things to do before Bett    
  • 19 Things to do on the day
  • 8 Things to do if you can only get there for one day
  • 8 Sample questions to ask suppliers
  • 9 points to consider about purchasing a product or service
  • 4 Things to consider regarding seminars
  • 10 Things to do after the show

This year the guide has been sponsored by the following companies. Please click on the graphics to go to their websites.

And here are the sponsors in the form of a list, along with their stand numbers:

Encyclopaedia Britannica on Stand E102

EdBot on Stand G443

EdLounge on Stand D150

Quizlet on Stand E300

Spongy Elephant on Stand P16

Download your free Bett guide here:

Ed tech in 2018

While you're here, check out the views of over 40 organisations on what 2018 will bring in terms of ed tech, and what the challenges will be:

Ed Tech 2018 Predictions