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Why Schools Cannot Ignore Web 2.0

Here are 4 posts from about 18 months ago dealing with why schools cannot ignore Web 2.0.

Thanks to @wikisaber_pt for tweeting the link to one of the articles, which reminded me  of its existence!

Why schools cannot ignore Web 2.0: Social Factors 

Why Schools Cannot Ignore Web 2.0: Technical Factors

Why Schools Cannot Ignore Web 2.0: Economic Factors

Why Schools Cannot Ignore Web 2.0: Commercial Factors

By the way, for a fantastic free book containing 87 Web 2.0 projects, go to the Free Stuff page on this website. By last week, this had been downloaded 39,564 times since March 2010.

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Reader Comments (1)

I don't think schools are ignoring it, the governments are.

They are FAR too slow in updating curriculum's that results in children being behind until they go to university. That's IF they go to university now!

Such a shame.


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