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The Big Issues for ICT Leaders

QuestionsIn the series called 31 Days to Become a Better Ed Tech Leader, I covered a range of issues that I believe are key ones for Ed Tech/ICT Leaders.

But what do you think?

I've created a very short survey which seeks to determine the three most important issues as far as ICT leaders are concerned.

Please take a few moments to complete it. You will find it here:

Ed Tech Leadership Issues

Thank you!

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Reader Comments (2)

1. Leadership in some small schools, especially in rural areas. In my experience teachers are wearing so many hats that keeping on top of ICT can be very difficult. I think small schools should have a cluster coordinator but usual response to my idea is there is not enough money.
2. Training - needs to be regular, relevant, drip-drip, and most of all, followed up.
3. Hardware and broadband speed need to be up to the job.
July 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNigel Metcalfe
Thx, Nigel
1. I agree. It seems to be especially the case for primary schools, where the ICT Co-ordinator is quite likely to be the Numeracy Co-ordinator, Child Protection Officer and Head of Year 3!
2. Yes, so perhaps one day courses are no longer relevant?
3. Definitely, especially as expectations are so much higher now.

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