My Writing Services

Some of the books by Terry Freedman

Some of the books by Terry Freedman

As well as writing for my own blogs and newsletters, I’ve written for others’ websites and blogs, education magazines, and other publications. I had my first article published in a magazine (for payment) in 1990.

The reason I’ve been asked by schools and companies to write blog posts and case studies for them is that it’s difficult to find the time to write blogs and so on while doing the job you’re actually paid for. Here are some examples of the writing services I can offer in the field of education technology, ICT and Computing:

  • Case Studies (for example of a school using your product or service).

  • Instruction manuals (for staff or pupils or customers).

  • Weekly blog posts.

  • Half-termly newsletters.

  • Magazine articles.

  • Newspaper articles.

  • Books, such as a book about your school.

For a more comprehensive list of what I’ve written and where, please see my writing page.

If you are interested in any of the above, or even something not listed, please get in touch via this button: