What Do You Think Will Be The Main Things We'll Be Seeing In Ed Tech In 2018?

I think in 2018 we will see a greater focus in protecting school data. I appreciate GDPR as a topic is perhaps oversaturated now, however I still believe that ensuring schools date is secure regardless of which device holds it will gain greater pertinence. But I believe it will be technology supporting a school process that will be crucial. Understanding what data a school holds, how it can pass from teacher to student or parent. Where it could potentially leak, then building a process to help mitigate the risk. Technology should be there to enable the user to work seamlessly so that the risk is reduced. That technology could be filtering network traffic, encrypting data – but it could also be software designed to help educate users. But it all begins with understanding the data you have at the school. 2018 will be the year that schools treat sensitive date as cautiously as you would your online banking.

What Do You Think Will Be The Main Ed Tech Challenges In 2018?

The biggest challenges will continue to be making more with less. Making more of the technologies that you have – or consolidating down different technologies into one easier to manage yet cost effective solution. Budgets get tighter ever year – investing the money wisely to meet modern day challenges such as Ransomware, means being smarter with the technology that you use. So, investing wisely will be the biggest challenge in 2018.

Sophie Pithie, PR Manager, UKI.

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