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What do you think will be the main things we'll be seeing in ed tech in 2018?

Imagine a future where learning is completely optimised, where students learn at 10x or more the current rate and are able to recall and apply all they have learned. Education relies entirely on thinking skills that in turn depend on brain function. Quantum leaps in neuroscience have in the last few decades revealed the potential to directly communicate with the brain through brain-computer interfaces and optimise learning. This technology is now coming of age and it is set to revolutionise education. The future of education lies in brain-computer-systems that optimise individual learning through neurofeedback and targeted training of key thinking skills like concentration and memory. This will allow individuals to learn at their maximum pace, thereby introducing a new era during which the full potential of each student will be unlocked. This future can be seen at Smart Start Minds where we will be showcasing our neurofeedback based training and learning systems.

What do you think will be the main ed tech challenges in 2018?

All education faces one main challenge: to produce workers with skills that will allow them to work alongside or in AI and that will be difficult or expensive to automate via AI and robotics.

Dr Thomas Dannhauser (PhD, MRCPsych, MBChB), Chief Executive, Smart Start Minds Ltd.

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