What Do You Think Will Be The Main Things We'll Be Seeing In Edtech In 2018?

Technology evolves daily. It is no longer necessary for eLearning resources to be based around ‘clicking on the right answer’. eLearning resources should be a lot more intelligent and intuitive; I believe we’ll continue to see a vertical rise in innovation in these resources. For example, Matific’s problem solving primary maths activities use virtual active images to show weight, volume, height and mass. Children can, for example virtually ‘pour’ a jug of lemonade into a glass and work out how many people will have a full glass to drink, or measure the capacity of a room (height, length and width) to see how many chairs will fit into it. This increasing level of technology supports student engagement and their in-depth appreciation of mathematical skills.

Quin Chandler, Matific UK.

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