What Do You Think Will Be The Main Things We'll Be Seeing In Ed Tech In 2018?

We believe that the concept of traditional education will continue to be transformed in 2018. Learning cannot depend solely on the location anymore - it should be accessible anywhere and anytime to anyone.

More and more digital learning tools will enter the market targeting different age groups from children of kindergarten age to students of further education. Education will definitely step out of the physical classrooms and will continue giving its lessons on mobile devices on the bus, in the park, or at home. At InSimu we’re working on an app which helps medical students and doctors practice diagnostic skills on their own, without any risk.

Using digital tools in education is a huge step towards a data-driven curriculum. Education which pays no attention to students’ needs is representing the system of yesterday. Students’ performance can be managed individually, tasks can be assigned in a customized way. Due to tailor-made education and gamified environment, the learning experience will be more immersive and efficient.

What Do You Think Will Be The Main Edtech Challenges In 2018?

Although ed tech is rising, its players and stakeholders must face a slow adaptation in schools. Changing the curriculum, training teachers and supplying the schools with ed tech devices requires a lot of time and additional budget.

Andrea Herdon, Chief Marketing Officer.

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