ICT and Computing in Schools Consultancy

Terry Freedman reflecting

Terry Freedman reflecting

You’re an expert. You know what you’re doing. So why on earth would you need a third party, an external consultant, to lend a hand?

The five main reasons, with examples of where I might be able to help, are:

  • Lack of time. A particular issue might need to be addressed. Having someone come in to deal with that and nothing else can be very useful.

  • Independent advice. For example, you could have me come into your school or MAT to have a look at the IT provision and suggest ways in which it might be improved, if indeed it needs improving at all.

  • Fresh pair of eyes. For example, if you are a recently appointed headteacher, head of department or leader for computing or ed-tech in your school, you may benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to help you decide what needs to be done and in which order.

  • Lack of expertise in some areas. For example, your staff may need training in how to assess pupils in Computing.

  • Comparative advantage. Even if there are people in the school who can do everything better than an outsider could, it is often comparatively more efficient to hire a consultant to do some of it anyway.

Further examples of services offered:

  • Advice and planning on promoting Computer Science.

  • Evaluation of your technical support arrangements.

  • Computing/Education Technology Document check.

  • Computing/Education Technology Strategy planning and drafting.

This is not a definitive list of course. Get in touch by clicking the button below if you require something different.