ICT Direct reassures schools on the impact of Brexit on ICT equipment

I received the following article from ICT Direct, the company that advertises on this website. Like other commentaries I've read about the effects of the UK's leaving the EU (Brexit) will have on the education technology, it's worth reading -- not least because of the comments about the possible price changes of solid state drives.

With all the uncertainty around Brexit and the impact this will have on UK businesses and residents, ICT Direct can reassure schools throughout the UK that it will be business as usual.

The supplier of refurbished ICT hardware to schools will see minimal impact, certainly in the near future. Stocks of PCs, laptops, printers, etc are purchased from corporate businesses across the UK, therefore, there aren’t any implications on imports or exports of products.

John Graham, Head of Public Sector Sales at ICT Direct, commented, “ICT Direct is a UK business which supplies UK schools. Therefore, schools across the UK can purchase their computer equipment and have it delivered free of charge, quickly and efficiently.”

With summer holidays looming, schools are keen to order their equipment for the new school year and ICT Direct have seen a major spike in orders coming through.

John continued, “It’s a great time of year to assess ICT equipment and invest in new kit, so schools have everything installed and ready to go at the start of the new academic year.”

The most popular products for schools currently are the HP8200 Elite, the Dell E6420 and the HP 8300 all-in-one PCs, which all offer excellent value for money, as well as being reliable and robust.

John does provide a word of caution though, “Some peripheral items such as Solid State Drives, which are proving extremely popular with schools to increase the speed of their machines, are often purchased from overseas. Therefore, the impact of sterling against the dollar could result in a hike in prices for these type of products.”

Even though suppliers such as ICT Direct will see little if any price rises, the advice to schools is certainly to invest in ICT equipment now rather than wait and potentially face an increase in costs.

Contact John Graham on 01254 820980 or email info@ict-direct.co.uk for further information. Website: www.ict-direct.co.uk

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