Take part in an education research survey

Professor Sarah Younie and her colleagues are undertaking research about, er, research. Do you find educational research useful in your teaching? What would make it more useful? Please take part in a brief survey that is looking into questions like these.

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Review of FotoJet

Fotojet is an online design application. Here's what I thought of it.

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Google Ads

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It wasn’t me wot done it, Sir! The depressing state of Computing as a subject

Here in England, students are voting with their feet: the numbers studying Computing at higher levels are going down. I hate to say "We told you so" but....

It's not as if nobody warned 'them'.

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How to get the most out of ISTE17 (and other conferences)

Listen to my interview with Vicki Davis about how to get the most out of #iste17 and other conferences -- and grab my book for £0.99/$0.99 or equivalent (plus VAT if applicable) -- a third of its usual price.

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