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What do you think will be the main things we'll be seeing in ed tech in 2018?

From an interactive display standpoint, 2018 will be the year that 4k becomes the default option for schools to purchase. This increased clarity, brightness and detail makes a massive difference in the classroom and is now at a price point where its impact will be felt by most schools.

The other major continued shift is the push for educational software to move towards the cloud, offering true device independence, access from anywhere and regular updates and improvements.

What do you think will be the main ed tech challenges in 2018?

The main edtech challenges to be faced in 2018 will be making the decisions that don’t lock your establishment down to certain technologies or solutions. Choosing hardware and software that will allow you the flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of educational technology. Having software that is device independent and will work on anything will be key to protect an institutions investment.

For institutions that embrace 4K display technologies, they will need to ensure they have selected the right software solution for that, many older software packages simply aren’t designed for the 4k world. Many suppliers, including Genee World, have ensured that all of their software is truly 4k compatible, meaning schools can extract all the benefits that 4k brings, with the cutting edge educational technology they desire. Making sure to get this decision right is essential to avoid the pitfalls of software that does not play to the technology’s strengths.

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