What do you think will be the main things we’ll be seeing in edtech in 2018?

The development of a culture of improvement has enabled teachers to become more creative and celebrate their uniqueness. Multi-academy trusts have helped to embed a culture of collaboration. Teachers are increasingly being encouraged to observe each other and sharing is no longer restricted to just inside one school. This is evident on social media, blogs, forums and teacher meets. Therefore, we can expect edtech to draw further on this collaboration element. The promotion of constructive dialogue means that software will be tailored to allow multiple users to access information at once. The ability to annotate live information together is powerful. This real time availability factor is becoming increasingly the norm and we can expect it to continue..

What do you think will be the main edtech challenges in 2018?

Uncertainty represents the biggest challenge to edtech in 2018. As Brexit looms, the UK is about to undergo a period of legal change. Educators are preparing students for a workplace that is evolving at a faster rate than ever before. Today’s students are being prepared for jobs that don’t necessarily exist at present. With this in mind, edtech is helping to prepare students to be highly adaptable.

James Burton, Business Development Executive, Derventio Education

Stand: G390


United Kingdom