Exhibitors at Bett 2017

A selection

Bett Radio

Russell Prue (Anderton Radio) will be broadcasting live at Bett each day at 4pm, but with lots of recorded content throughout the day. He will be on stand D118, at NetSupport Software.  He's created a pop-up station for them at Bett, NetSupport Radio, and has some great guests lined up.

Capita SIMS


Know exactly which interventions are working

Schools leaders will be able to instantly find out which of their interventions are delivering the best results for pupils with the new SIMS Interventions module, launched on the Capita SIMS stand (B190) at Bett 2017.

The new tool allows schools to track any intervention, whether it is a maths club, peer mentoring or a theatre group to help pupils who are falling behind or those with behaviour or attendance issues. The system then uses the achievement and other data in a school’s SIMS management information system to see the exact impact of an intervention on student outcomes. What’s more, the software enables schools to measure the cost effectiveness of each intervention.


Want to know how your academy group is performing?

Academy groups will now be able to find out exactly how any of their schools are doing or examine performance across the whole trust at the touch of a button thanks to SIMS SchoolView.

The new tool will provide academy group leaders with a dashboard of data which shows attendance or achievement rates across multiple schools and can automatically calculate a wide range of key performance measures directly from a school’s SIMS management information system.

SIMS Parent app

The SIMS Parent app allows schools to easily communicate with parents. Whether it’s sharing information on attendance, homework or school reports, parents can stay on top of their child’s progress. The app pushes information directly to parents for them to view on their phone, tablet or PC at their convenience. A clear dashboard gives parents an overview of their child’s school life and will alert parents if a child has missed a lesson or not handed in their homework. It also provides an opportunity for schools to receive the most up-to-date information from parents, such as contact details. The SIMS Parent app makes parents much more accessible for schools to communicate with, making for more meaningful conversations at parents’ evenings and ultimately, more engaged parents.

SIMS Student app

The SIMS Student app helps to keep students up-to-date with everything that’s going on in their school life. Whether it’s viewing their timetable or homework tasks, students can easily access key information outside of school directly from their phone, tablet or PC. Schools can also send alerts to students, for example to remind them to bring their sports kit to school or to show how they are progressing against targets. Available on iOS, Android or via the web, the SIMS Student app can be accessed in any way suitable to a student’s lifestyle, so whether they are on the school bus or on their home PC, the information they need is always at their fingertips.


Paperless solution to choosing GCSE and A-level options.

Imagine a situation where students and parents can log on to their computer or tablet from home and select which GCSE or A-level subjects the student wishes to study. A situation where there is no mountain of paperwork of option choices for teachers to sift through. And where timetablers are told automatically how many classes of GSCE French they need to accommodate or how many students have selected history at A-level.

With the launch of SIMS Options, all this is possible.

SIMS Options enables students and parents to access information on the subjects from home and make their selection online. Their choices are fed straight back to the SIMS school’s management information system for processing.

Schools will also be able to include applicant students from other schools in the options process which is key for schools that take applicants from neighbouring schools.

More importantly, SIMS Options saves staff countless hours collating and sorting every individual options submission.


DigiExam has been shortlisted in the BETT Awards in the following categories

‘Higher Education / Further Education Digital Services’

‘International Digital Education Resource’

‘ICT Innovator of the Year’.

I wrote about DigiExam in Technology & Learning UK. Go to https://issuu.com/newbayeurope/docs/t_luk_september_2016_digital and then look at page 22, the article about EdTechX Europe.

DigiExam Stand G448


Erase All Kittens (E.A.K.) is a revolutionary new web-based platform game designed to prepare children, aged eight to 14, for 21st Century degrees and careers. It teaches students computational thinking and professional coding languages such as HTML, and engages more girls by using a highly gamified, story-driven approach.

E.A.K. provides around 60 mins of gameplay, with new content added regularly. For schools, the game is on offer at £2 per student, per year, which includes lesson plans.

See E.A.K. in action at Bett 2017, which takes place at London ExCeL on 25-28 January. Visit and meet the team behind the game!

For more information, visit www.eraseallkittens.com.

Stand 21 in the Bett Futures area.

EES for Schools

EES for Schools has announced the release of its new home-school communications website, Target Tracker Link. The addition complements the existing Target Tracker software that is used by more than one in four primary schools across the UK, as well as the recently released Target Tracker app for iOS.

Teachers are able to create pupil observation reports using Target Tracker while in the classroom using the desktop software, or on-the-go using the app. Once these have been completed and marked as suitable for parents in Target Tracker, the built-in review process in Link means that observations can be quality-checked before making them available to parents. It is also possible to grant access to other family members as well as parents, enhancing the network of people interested in the child’s education.

Schools can customise the way in which parents see observations, including school branding and logos, and they can notify parents by email once new observations have been made available. The software reduces the need for multiple systems, and numerous observations can be made available at once. The website is accessible across a range of devices so that no matter where parents are, they can view the details of their child’s progress at their convenience.

Stand H145


Based in Shenzhen China, EXSOFT are specialist suppliers of language laboratory, smart classroom management software. Products are based on the real teaching scene, tailored for the habits of various aspects of interaction between teacher and students, which can be utilised for any subject.

Stand A165

Flex Assessment

With Flex Assessment, students can reflect on their performance and enter their assessment data, so teachers can spend their time planning outstanding lessons and resources instead of entering data. Teachers can quickly identify targets for improvement and produce personalised work for every student, which is ideal for homework or intervention.

Stand F452


Communication and data solution specialist, Groupcall, will celebrate its 15th year of innovation at Bett 2017.

At this year’s show, Groupcall will be unveiling Emerge Desktop, showcasing the integration of its new parental payment software into the Messenger Ecosystem, and demonstrating how XVault can support local authorities (LAs) and multi-academy trusts (MATs), with multi-school reporting, performance and attendance tracking.  

It will also be sharing its most recent whitepapers on assessment without levels and safeguarding guidance, as well as its best practice guide to improving parental engagement.

Groupcall will be exhibiting as part of a new and exciting addition to this year’s show, the Microsoft Partner Village, which will concentrate key Microsoft partners in one location to create a village of opportunity and collaboration between Microsoft and partners for visitors. This innovative landmark is definitely not to be missed!

Software developers interested in Groupcall Xporter or joining the Groupcall Ecosystem are also encouraged to visit the stand talk to the team about potential partnership opportunities.

To find out more, visit Groupcall on Stand B188 or go to www.groupcall.com


Hypersocket Software’s affordable network security and access management technology helps schools, colleges and universities create more secure and effective IT environments. Hypersocket ‘Single Sign-On’ software provides secure, one-click access and user authentication for multiple systems and applications, eliminating the need to log into different apps and remember numerous passwords. Meanwhile, Access Manager is a simple to use unlimited user password manager and reset solution. Together with Hypersocket’s Managed File Transfer and Virtual Private Networking technology, these products give pupils, students and staff the tools to work smarter, safer and more securely.

Stand G384

ICT Direct

ICT Direct are refurbishers of high quality computers. They have some great bargains at the show, plus competitions to win Origin Solid State Drives.

They also say: "As we are celebrating our 10th Birthday, we'll have lots of goodies to give away."

Stand B412.

Lego Education

LEGO Education has announced the schedule for its WeDo 2.0 and MINDSTORMS EV3 workshops at Bett 2017, as well as demonstrations of what LEGO Education resources can achieve in schools. The sessions, supported by Hope Education and JRTS, delivered at stand E150, will give UK teachers the chance to get hands-on with award-winning resources that help revolutionise computing and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) lessons through creative exploration. All teachers who pre-book and attend a workshop will receive a free mini LEGO set.

LEGO Education has announced the launch of eight new computing projects for Key Stage 2, to enhance its existing resource, WeDo 2.0 that teaches computing in the context of science. The hands-on projects combine computing with the use of coding to make WeDo 2.0 even more relevant within STEM.

The eight computing activities – four guided and four open-ended – relate to real-life concepts to help pupils develop a better understanding on how STEM is relevant within the world. The four guided projects cover the following topics:
·         Moon Base: designing a solution in which a robot would be able to assemble a base on the moon
·         Grabbing object: designing and building a prosthetic hand that is able to move small objects around
·         Sending messages: creating a solution for exchanging information using a system of signals organised in patterns
·         Volcano alert: designing a device for improving the monitoring of volcanic activity in order to guide scientific exploration
Pupils are then challenged to complete the open projects, which encourage the freedom and creativity to come up with their own interpretations and solutions, develop resilience, ask questions and build problem-solving skills. The open projects cover the following topics:
·         Inspection: designing a solution in which a robot is able to inspect narrow spaces, guiding its motion with sensors
·         Emotional design: creating a robot that displays positive emotions when interacting with people
·         City safety: designing a solution to improve safety in a city
·         Animal senses: modelling how animals use their senses to interact with their environment

Each of the activities has a four-step process, allowing pupils to explore, create, test and share; helping to develop key 21st Century skills for life beyond education.

As part of the launch, there are a number of additional features including a new ‘teacher assistant’, which provides a simple guide and tips for the teacher to ensure they are fully supported in developing pupils’ practices within STEM and computing.

The updates will be available initially on iOS and Chromebooks, with more operating systems to come in the first half of 2017.
For more information about the new projects, visit: LEGOeducation.co.uk/primary-coding.

To sign up to the LEGO Education workshops at Bett (stand E150) visit:  www.LEGOeducation.co.uk/bett

Stand E150

London Grid For Learning

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) will be returning to Bett 2017 at stand D260. Winners of the 2016 Bett Award for Primary Digital Content the LGfL will this year be showcasing its TRUSTnet offering, which provides schools with significant internet bandwidth at lower cost. More information can be found at http://TRUSTnet.pro/  


LGfL is embracing the opportunity of the “cloud” to transform teaching and learning and its future content and services will be delivered through a SuperCloud that harnesses the best of public and private cloud provision. 

Key resources in SuperCloud include:

Developing British Values

This is for 7-18 year-olds.  It is a Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) resource suitable for use in Citizenship, PSHE and RE, launched by LGfL in response to the Department for Education guidance which states that “Schools should promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

A challenging task for all teachers, regardless of teaching experience or subject specialism, LGfL has  sought to meet this need by providing high-quality, safe and relevant teaching materials that foster deeper understanding and informed debate amongst young people. It does not aim to deliver a definitive view for teachers and learners to ‘accept and learn’, but rather enables discussion in a safe, tolerant and supportive environment.

A stand-alone learning resource in its own right, Developing British Values is also a gateway to other ideas, assets and materials that can be used for one-off, dedicated activities, or for embedding core themes into a planned series of lessons.

The package is topped off by engaging interviews with Richard Burge, CEO Wilton Park, Foreign Office; Michael Morpurgo, acclaimed children’s author, and Sara Khan, a British Muslim human rights activist and CEO of Inspire, a counter-extremism and women's rights organisation. For more information, please see Developing British Values

Widgit’s Symbol Library

This is aimed at 5-16 year-old learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Dedicated to levelling the educational playing field, LGfL will also be featuring Widgit’s Symbol Library, a  KS 1-4 14,000-strong symbol pack for learners with SEND or EAL. New to LGfL’s package and suitable for all ages, the symbols cover a wide range of topics and curriculum areas and are designed to support text and make the meaning clearer and easier to understand.

Cyber Security – raising awareness of cyber security issues.

Finally and coming soon, LGfL’s KS 2-4 Cyber Security resource, which can be used as part of the computing curriculum, features compelling real world exemplars of cyber security to help students develop an awareness of issues they may face. 

LGfL has been shortlisted in the Secondary Digital Category – for London Grid for Learning / UCL Institute of Education resource, Cornerstone Maths.

Stand D260


This year MirandaNet is on the Naace stand, G135.

On Wednesday 25th January Christina Preston will be on a panel 'Bridging the Digital Divide' at 5pm hosted by Terry Freedman, sponsored by  NewBay Media. Location: Learn Live Secondary Theatre.

On Thursday 26th Professor Mirka Cernochova, Charles University, Prague will be joining Christina Preston and MirandaNet colleagues for a joint reception with Naace members at 1700 on Stand G135. 

On Friday 27th January Mirandanet will also have a joint reception at 1700 on Naace stand G135.

Night Zookeeper

This is a scenario-based set of activities designed to help youngsters develop their writing skills, and teachers to assess them. It's being used in schools across the world. I visited a school in London to see it in action, and what really struck me was the children were very engaged, talked animatedly and articulately about what they were doing, and produced very good writing too!


Stand HUB1, in the Bett Futures area.


At Bett last year, they announced their new venture, Nureva Inc, and launched the Nureva Span visual Collaboration System. The system is made for people looking to do great things – together. Create ideas. Share them. Debate them. Strengthen them. It’s all done within an expansive, cloud-based canvas that can be accessed as easily on your walls as from the device in your hand. They are back at Bett in January, with customers who can share how this system, unlike anything else, is really transforming the way students are learning and collaborating in a more practical way.

Stand C400

STEM Learning

Based in York, STEM Learning runs an impressive range of courses for teachers, and has some great resources.

Stand E460