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Entries in professional development (29)


9 Computing course providers to explore

There are many courses being offered to help you plan for, and implement, the new Computing Programme of Study. Here is a short selection of providers to get you started.

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Tablets for Schools Conference

If you’re thinking about going down the tablet route in your school, you might like to attend the Tablets for Schools conference on Monday 9th December. I’ve had a look at the agenda  and it looks quite interesting.

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Computers in Classrooms new edition out now!

blog readingThe latest edition of Computers in Classrooms, the e-newsletter for those with a professional interest in educational ICT, has just gone out. It’s a special conference edition. And one of the conferences is offering subscribers a 50% reduction in the entry fee!

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Ed Tech Innovation–#6: Do some thing for yourself

RelaxHere’s a novel idea. Teachers are always focused on what (more) they can do for their kids, but sometimes they would be better off doing something for themselves instead. It may be counterintuitive, but sometimes that can often mean doing better or more things for the kids anyway. Here are some ideas you might like to consider.

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ICT Professional Development News

Working and teaching 4Here are a couple of items that have come to my attention, and which I hope will be of interest. One is a conference, which takes place on 7th June, the other is access to web resources, on a special offer.

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The joy of not knowing

Kate RussellWhat teachers and other educators do best is, by and large, tell people stuff. It can be unsettling to not know things, so it’s no doubt natural to assume that if we don’t like it, then neither will others. So we tell people. But is it OK to not know the answers if you’re an ICT teacher? Here are a few thoughts about that, followed by a video featuring Kate Russell.

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ICT Conferences (again)

Just in case you hadn’t realised I’ve updated my original post about this several times, here is a list of the conferences I mentioned, in alphabetical order.

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Conferences coming up

Updated on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 4:44PM by Registered CommenterTerry Freedman, Educational ICT Consultant

Updated on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 10:58AM by Registered CommenterTerry Freedman, Educational ICT Consultant

Updated on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 8:16AM by Registered CommenterTerry Freedman, Educational ICT Consultant

There are a few  conferences coming up in England which you may find useful. Note that this is by no means an exhaustive list!

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Collabor8 4 Change at BETT 2012

whitekeys03We had a fantastic three hours at Collabor8 4 Change at Havering on the 17th November. Variety is the spice of life, so with 56 topics to choose from in total, everyone was catered for. To give you a flavour of the event, below is a selection of the talks and discussions featured. Now, if you are feeling really devastated that you were not able to be there, we have two bits of good news.

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2 days to go, 1 day to go

Reading with interactive books; digital leaders; hacking; games in schools; video-conferencing; future-gazing; theft-prevention.

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Planning an ICT Co-ordinators' Day

If you're in the process of planning an ICT (Technology) Co-ordinators' Day -- or really any other kind of similar event -- then this article from 2 years ago should help.

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Choosing the right education technology conference

information.jpgWhen I was at university I had a fool-proof method for selecting student union representatives when elections were held. I automatically discounted anyone who stood up and announced that what we needed was change. We always need change, although it’s usually quite useful to check what exactly needs changing, and whether right now is the best time to do so. Anyone who announced that we needed change, but without going any deeper into it, was an idiot as far as I was concerned. Either that, or they assumed that I was.

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Collaborate for Change: information and update

Collabor8 4 Change, a great new-style conference, is running again on 17th November. We've just made available 50 more tickets!

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New edition of Computers in Classrooms almost ready!

I’m in the final stages of proofreading the next issue of Computers in Classrooms, the free  e-newsletter for people with a professional interest in education technology. Articles include conference reports, including a guest article by Susan Banister, websites to check out, news, stuff to think about and a book review. Oh yes, and two prize draws: for PIMS and for Xobni Pro.

If you don’t want to miss out, sign up now, and join thousands of others!


A conference, summer CPD and a UNESCO report

Here are three options for you to consider in order to give a boost to your professional development:

  • The forthcoming ISTE conference in Philadelphia.
  • A cornucopia of ideas for professional development over the summer break, in case all that relaxing gets you down.
  • A report from UNESCO on Learning, Innovation and ICT.

All this was published last week in Computers in Classrooms, the free e-newsletter for educational ICT professionals. Subscribe now (literally: right now) and you’ll stand a chance of winning a premium version of Xobni, a pretty good email management tool. I’m running the draw for that at 10 pm UK time today.

Read on for the details of those three resources.

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